Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Hope you had a fabulous festive season! I had a marvellous time, lots of quality time spent with the family eating, laughing and playing Trivial Pursuit. Good stuff.

That's not to say I haven't still been sewing away, oh no. In fact I'm actually impressed with myself how much I've fitted in! My crafty business idea is on its way to becoming reality, and I had a meeting just before Christmas with a lovely lady called Gillian at Wrexham Business Development who's set me well my way, and so my next few months look like this: January will be spent researching, developing my products and getting all the paperwork in order and ready to go. Ruby will also be starting nursery. Eek. February I'll be busy sewing, sewing, sewing trying to make as much stuff as possible ready for the Mad March Fayre at the Northgate arena, Chester, where Sparrowarms will be premiering! Any items that don't sell, will then be put onto my brand new Folksy page (which is in development at the mo).

I'm very excited. So far I'm thinking of selling wallets, purses, everything bags, phone/mp3 cases, knitting needle rolls and mini sewing kits. Dependent on my development though. Fancy a sneak preview? Here's a few wallets I've been working on:

My first Batman wallet. Currently being tested by Kev, too shallow and needed a fastener (hence my finger holding it closed) so onto:

Thundercats wallet (made from the scraps of the Thundercats blanket) and a belated Christmas present. Not quite neat enough so onto:

Spongebob wallet. Better construction, but I put the seam in the wrong place and still not quite neat enough.

Finally, Batman wallet number two! Think I have the size, construction and style sorted here. Yay. Now to cut out a million of 'em.

I also made this:

It's Ruby's birthday present! It's based on the card table Play house, and is lit with fairy lights, has a window, curtains, pockets and a cot and table inside! Ruby LOVES it. Yay to sewing.

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