Wednesday, 13 January 2010


So, I'm still snowed in, but that's not stopping my get my craft on. I've 20 purses and 17 wallets cut out ready for sewing and have added another string to the sparrowarms bow: badges!

I had an idea about making badges out of my scraps of fabric, did a bit of googling and OH MY. My creative excitement went a bit overboard. What if I photocopy the fabric? Then I can make loads? What if I make comic book badges? Or use children's books? The one draw back is that badge making machines are really, really, really expensive. So with very little oil in my heating tank, I bought one anyway (ahem).

I have a plan though, honest. To make up some of the cost I'm going to try and make badges for bands and the like. I'm not making any money on them, but if i can at least recoup some of the outlandish outlay, I'll be happy. I'm also going to take the device to the craft fairs with me so people can make their own!

I'm feeling good about it.

And I already have my first customer! A big thank you to Kev Tunnah of Search for kwan and also to Nat, my official badge advisor, without whom, I wouldn't have a nice, pink, Pffft badge.

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