Monday, 18 January 2010


As you know, my Folksy page is up and running, but with nothing on it. This isn't me just being lazy, honest! My business cards are in the process of being made, and I wanted the site on it, and to get the address I had to open the shop, and Viola! One empty sparrowarms shop.

My plan was to to my craft fair (March 13Th Northgate Arena, Chester peeps) and then put all the stock I bring back straight on. But I'm getting antsy. It's sitting there, all pretty and empty. Maybe I should put couple of things on, just to see how things go...

So I've decided by the end of this week to put on three wallets, three purses and three phone/MPP3 cases as well as a handful of badges. Just to test the waters. I've set to work on my first batch of wallets, they're all done except for the poppers, which I ran out of. It's a bit frustrating not to have them completely finished, but they're looking pretty darn cool.

I was going to do all the wallets with the crazy fabric on the outside but then a friend of mine said she knew someone who'd always wanted what looked like a normal wallet but had crazy lining, so I found this lovely linen type black cotton and whipped a few up. There's ones with Batman, Spongebob and Cowboy linings. The Cowboy one is definitely my fave. What man doesn't have an inner Cowboy?

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