Thursday, 21 January 2010

Hello Real World

The snow has nearly all gone and this is good. I can leave my house again. I can go to places where there are more than eight people at a time. I can buy things I need like poppers and buttons. I have had lots of lovely visitors over the snowy period though, including Nat and Sarah to Craft Night last Tuesday, where we made flower bracelet pin cushions. Here's me demonstrating their glorious usefulness:

I've been desperately trying to get stuff done to put on Folksy tomorrow, but after making a few purses, I realised that after adding the interfacing, they are about half a centimetre too small. Not a big deal you'd think, but now they don't fit a phone in. Grr. So, I will now be selling both large and small purses! The large ones turned out really well and are the kind of purses that could hold a years worth of receipts, you mobile and a still have room for a lip balm, and although I'm really happy with, them they'e pushed me behind schedule.

I managed to finish sewing all the Folksy teaser stuff today, but they still need poppers, buttons/badges and photographing, so tonight will be dedicated to that. My pal Alex is coming for tea so she will be roped in. Poor Alex.

Even though I was behind schedule, I got really bored of cutting out. I'm trying to get everything cut out ready to sew next week. So to give myself a little breather, I made this for the Rubester:

That's my hand for size comparison. It's just like Mummy's, but you know, with Buzz Lightyear!

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