Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow, snow, go away!

I still haven't made it back to my house, so here's the skirt I made, and as I have no sewing machine at my parents' , it's all hand stitched which has actually been really enjoyable!

I used the leg excess for the front patch, but it wasn't wide enough for the back so put this piece of fabric in which I think adds a bit of zazz. I'm thinking about putting yo yo's around the bottom, but not sure yet. It's a size 16, but as I'm a 12 it sits nicely on the hips. I think this will be a regulare wear with my superhero T shirt collection!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow does not a fence build...

I was really hoping to put up my new fence yesterday as the first step towards getting my rescue chickens. New fence = garden safety = enclosed 1 year old = time to build excellent chicken run. Unfortunately, it snowed. A lot. (That's me digging a path to my car).

I haven't actually been able to get home for more than half an hour the snow is so bad. So I packed up a handful from my scrap box, some neutral cotton and have been going Yo yo crazy. I've been making them slightly different from the instructions I've found online, I like the center's to be really tight so have eliminated the hem. Seem OK so far.

I'm also halfway through a jean skirt, so think I'll combine the two in a funky/yo yo/up-cycled/denim extravaganza. I'm very much enjoying turning all my ill fitting trousers into skirts. It also makes me feel better about not being able to fit my post-baby bum into a size 12.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

My first post!

After many years spent crafting and making, I came across the wonderful world of The Craft Blog. My eyes, mind and heart have widened discovering not only that there are thousands of people out there just like me, those who can't resist a pearly button, ingenious new adhesive or flowery scrap of fabric, but who's ideas and creations are hugely inspiring. I hope with my blog, I'll be able to give back a little to those who gave me so many ideas, and lots of crafty eye candy!