Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow does not a fence build...

I was really hoping to put up my new fence yesterday as the first step towards getting my rescue chickens. New fence = garden safety = enclosed 1 year old = time to build excellent chicken run. Unfortunately, it snowed. A lot. (That's me digging a path to my car).

I haven't actually been able to get home for more than half an hour the snow is so bad. So I packed up a handful from my scrap box, some neutral cotton and have been going Yo yo crazy. I've been making them slightly different from the instructions I've found online, I like the center's to be really tight so have eliminated the hem. Seem OK so far.

I'm also halfway through a jean skirt, so think I'll combine the two in a funky/yo yo/up-cycled/denim extravaganza. I'm very much enjoying turning all my ill fitting trousers into skirts. It also makes me feel better about not being able to fit my post-baby bum into a size 12.

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