Saturday, 31 October 2009

Oh My God.

Need I say more?

If only they did 11-12...

This website was featured in SewHip this month and I love these dresses! It's such a good idea. If only they went up to 11-12, I can fit my bum into those...

Yummy. I'm going to have to work on a pattern.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Drumroll please...

This is a vey exciting post for me, for here I will be introducing you to a new friend of mine... Sock Monster!

He's the first sock related creature I've made with the intention of selling, a big step for me! His name is Marvin and he likes rainbows, going on the train and walks on the beach. He was once told he looked like a Monster Munch. He costs £15 and that includes embroidery of a name of your choice, gift wrapping and delivery!

Anyone want to give Marvin his forever home? Then email me at

PLEASE NOTE: Due to all the crazy health and safety standards and policies, I cannot recommend my Sock Creations for anyone under the age of 14. Sniff.

I got more socks today, including itty bitty tiny ones that will soon become keyrings. I am very excited to get cracking, so i'm offski. I'll leave you with a pic of my temporary studio, and a big thanks to Chris from Freecycle who gave me some shelves for the big tidy tomorrow!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Cheater, cheater, pumkin eater.

I finished the Sock Monkey I started at Sock Monkey night. I'm naughty I know. But it's going to be a birthday present which is before the next meeting so it had to be done! And she is awesome. I can't put pics up yet as the recievee has yet to become the reciever but as soon as it's arrived (which will prob be January. Postal strikes. Do they not know there's Sock Monkeys that need delivering?), they'll be here. I will say this: she is wearing a skirt.

Other exciting news, the new SewHip hit the doormat today, woohoo! I tried to read a bit pre-Ruby nap, but that didnt work out too well, so think it will be kept until bedtime. Or if I can distract Ruby with The Lion King.

This post feels a bit naked without a picture, so here are some Dinohorsies.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sock Monkey Night 3

As promised, here are the beginnings of the Sock Monkeys from last night!

We had a great night. stitching and gossiping, drinking tea and eating cake. Is there a better way to spend a Tuesday? Well maybe if Brad Pitt was serving the tea (we watched Mr and Mrs Smith too). Next week will be faces and arms.

I also finished Norm:

I love him. I'm thinking of making him into a keyring, but he may be too big. Hmm.

I have realised I am terrible at photography. This must be addressed and rectified.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Making a silk purse, IN a sow's ear...

To make myself feel better, here's a few things i've made in the Studio Of Horror:

Eric the Craft Creature! Made for Kerry for her birthday. He has a secret zip pocket under his teeth and his big eye is a removable pin cushion. On the back...

... a giant pocket for lots more goodies. There are pockets on his legs too.

The Naruto wallet! Currently holds tobbacco, which my high horse and I don't approve of, but it is well loved.

Sarah Sock Monkey. The photo doesn't really do her justice, she's way more purple.

And finally...

Tiny Norm the Half Finished Sock Monkey. Look how small!

Tonight is Sock Monkey night so should have lots more lovely photo's tomorrow.

The shame...

I've decided to shame myself into tidying the attic studio. This is what it currently looks like:

That's Ruby's dollhouse on the chest of drawers. I've had it about a year and all i've done is put it together. Next to it are very organised tubs of Stuff and my sewing machine desk.

My work table. Ahem. On top is a fab filing chest I got from a carboot sale for £4. Contains zips and elastic now. Currently has no home.

The fab shelves Pappa Jones built. There was some order and organisation at some point.

My sewing table. My lovely sewing machine lives under that bit of blue plastic. The bulb went ages ago so have to point that lamp at it whenever I sew. Unfortunately the lamp is hotter than the sun.

Just behind is my ironing board, which I do actually use a lot when sewing. I never iron any of my clothes though. Underneath lives my scrap pile. Scrap mountain. Scrap universe.

Anyway, it's big.

My adjusting dress form. Brilliant for altering clothes, not so great for making them, as I apparently have unusually shallow shoulders. Currently used as an obscenely expensive pin cushion.

And finally, my fabric stash. Oh my.

I am now crying a little inside.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Returning with Monkeys...

It's been a loooong time since I last posted, but I though it was time to get back on the blogging horse. A lovely new PC courtesy of Pappa Jones that I can actually upload photos onto has helped a lot!

So until I get said photos onto said loveliness, here's a few pics of my growing Sock Monkey family I managed to swipe from my Facebook page. A small but excuisitley formed Sock Monkey craft night has started at my house on a Tuesday too, so the Sock Monkey joy is being spread!

The one that started it all: Original Sock Monkey. Now the well loved and well played with (and occasionaly repaired) possesion of my two year old.

Kev and Chris Sock Monkeys. Made for male friends of mine. Baby Eric sits in the middle, the prototype for Eric the Craft Creature (pics coming soon).

Baby Sock Monkey. A revelation, made from baby socks, can be hand sewn in one sitting!

Kathryn Sock Monkey, made for my sister, with sparkly eyes and yellow french knot nail varnish.

My sewing room is in the middle of an overhaul and i'm at the stage where I go to start tidying it and come straight back out again. Also my excuse for not making anything that can't be done on the sofa. Hopefully one of my lovely siblings will babysit for me on Saturday and I can hit it hard. Or i'll watch 10 episodes of Naruto.