Friday, 30 October 2009

Drumroll please...

This is a vey exciting post for me, for here I will be introducing you to a new friend of mine... Sock Monster!

He's the first sock related creature I've made with the intention of selling, a big step for me! His name is Marvin and he likes rainbows, going on the train and walks on the beach. He was once told he looked like a Monster Munch. He costs £15 and that includes embroidery of a name of your choice, gift wrapping and delivery!

Anyone want to give Marvin his forever home? Then email me at

PLEASE NOTE: Due to all the crazy health and safety standards and policies, I cannot recommend my Sock Creations for anyone under the age of 14. Sniff.

I got more socks today, including itty bitty tiny ones that will soon become keyrings. I am very excited to get cracking, so i'm offski. I'll leave you with a pic of my temporary studio, and a big thanks to Chris from Freecycle who gave me some shelves for the big tidy tomorrow!

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