Thursday, 29 October 2009

Cheater, cheater, pumkin eater.

I finished the Sock Monkey I started at Sock Monkey night. I'm naughty I know. But it's going to be a birthday present which is before the next meeting so it had to be done! And she is awesome. I can't put pics up yet as the recievee has yet to become the reciever but as soon as it's arrived (which will prob be January. Postal strikes. Do they not know there's Sock Monkeys that need delivering?), they'll be here. I will say this: she is wearing a skirt.

Other exciting news, the new SewHip hit the doormat today, woohoo! I tried to read a bit pre-Ruby nap, but that didnt work out too well, so think it will be kept until bedtime. Or if I can distract Ruby with The Lion King.

This post feels a bit naked without a picture, so here are some Dinohorsies.

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