Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The shame...

I've decided to shame myself into tidying the attic studio. This is what it currently looks like:

That's Ruby's dollhouse on the chest of drawers. I've had it about a year and all i've done is put it together. Next to it are very organised tubs of Stuff and my sewing machine desk.

My work table. Ahem. On top is a fab filing chest I got from a carboot sale for £4. Contains zips and elastic now. Currently has no home.

The fab shelves Pappa Jones built. There was some order and organisation at some point.

My sewing table. My lovely sewing machine lives under that bit of blue plastic. The bulb went ages ago so have to point that lamp at it whenever I sew. Unfortunately the lamp is hotter than the sun.

Just behind is my ironing board, which I do actually use a lot when sewing. I never iron any of my clothes though. Underneath lives my scrap pile. Scrap mountain. Scrap universe.

Anyway, it's big.

My adjusting dress form. Brilliant for altering clothes, not so great for making them, as I apparently have unusually shallow shoulders. Currently used as an obscenely expensive pin cushion.

And finally, my fabric stash. Oh my.

I am now crying a little inside.

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