Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Am I late?

The shame! Woe is me! I am an un-dedicated blogger...

Better late then never though, eh?

I haven't been sitting round on my bum watching Judge Judy the last 23 days though, oh no. I have been busy sewing and making and being a bit poorly. Myself, Rubes and my Ma all came down with a virus that really knocked us about. The poorliest I've been since before Ruby was born. Managed to sort everything for the craft fair in the Northgate Arena, which turned out to be awful. Freezing cold (and it was indoors) insanely loud Gypsy Jazz music(which was really good for about 2 songs), hardly any actual crafted items, most just imported and I only made £2.30! I spent £5 at the chocolate stand.

It did mean however lots of stock ready for Central Bazaar, which was AWESOME. Did a lot better money wise and it was just a super cool day. The other stallholders had amazing products, I could have easily gone into some serious debt, and I can't wait for the next one!

As for none fair related items, been making a lot of tshirt dresses, mostly for Ruby but one for myself too. Will be making them at craft night tonight too. Also been working hard on the Lola makeover, it's nearly done, she's looking fabulous and I can't wait to go camping! Have a look at my other blog for updates.

A blurry tshirt dress for Ruby

A pair of pinstripe trousers made from one of my
pre-pregnancy pairs. She looks so cool.

Making ties and binding like this gives
me real pleasure. Am I bonkers?

Anyhoo, I hope everyone in blogville is fine and dandy and looking forward to a wonderful spring. Kisses.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Yep, Too Green...

Papa Jones has come to the rescue and the comp is in full working order, a whisper of its former self. My laptop however did not take too well to the negative endorsement I gave it, and has carked it. Oh well. Ebay here it comes...

So, a round up of recent crafts...

A scissor roll from what's left of my current favourite fabric.

A snack bag and sandwich wrap for my sister's birthday.

Snack bag

Sandwich wrap closed


Ta dah!

These are also going to be one of this weeks craft night projects, and I can't wait to make a set for myself! They're both wipe clean on the inside and fasten with Velcro, and the sandwich wrap opens into a handy place mat, to catch all those crumbs and put your crisps on.

I also visited a caravan show this week, which has inspired me to get Lola all dolled up ready for the coming season. I was going to chart her progress here, but I felt she deserved her own little blog so pop by and visit Lola Vanola and witness the transformation!

Right, I'm off to iron some gnomes.