Monday, 1 March 2010

Yep, Too Green...

Papa Jones has come to the rescue and the comp is in full working order, a whisper of its former self. My laptop however did not take too well to the negative endorsement I gave it, and has carked it. Oh well. Ebay here it comes...

So, a round up of recent crafts...

A scissor roll from what's left of my current favourite fabric.

A snack bag and sandwich wrap for my sister's birthday.

Snack bag

Sandwich wrap closed


Ta dah!

These are also going to be one of this weeks craft night projects, and I can't wait to make a set for myself! They're both wipe clean on the inside and fasten with Velcro, and the sandwich wrap opens into a handy place mat, to catch all those crumbs and put your crisps on.

I also visited a caravan show this week, which has inspired me to get Lola all dolled up ready for the coming season. I was going to chart her progress here, but I felt she deserved her own little blog so pop by and visit Lola Vanola and witness the transformation!

Right, I'm off to iron some gnomes.

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