Saturday, 16 January 2010

Snow, snow, glorious snow. Erm, No. But a new bag...

I tried for an hour to get my van out today, without success. Papa Jones had to practically push me back to my parking space. It wasn't fun. I have though had a day to myself today, so I've done a bit of sewing for myself (with a sparrowarms edge of course), which I haven't done a lot of recently.

I wanted to make a neutral coloured handbag that I could display some of my badges on and that was also big enough to hold all the stuff I cart around with me. I've had this gorgeous brown, stripey fabric for ages, probably about 6 months, but had been saving it for a pair of trousers. I was sure there was enough for both, but I usually severely underestimate the amount of fabric I need and end up with a piece big enough to make a fairy pillow.

The answer? Make the trousers first!

They're lovely and baggy, perfect for Sunday dinner greediness. You can't really tell how pretty the fabric is from my awful pictures, but I did have loads so I whipped up my bag too.

It's reversible, and I used a Salisbury's carrier bag for the pattern, making the straps longer so I can put it over my shoulder. It worked out really well, but I think I'll make the straps narrower next time.

I'm thinking of writing a tutorial on how to make this, it was really easy. Would anyone be interested?

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  1. Kegga throws her hand wildly in the air in response to the tutorial question :)