Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas is nearly here!

Whoa, last post was the 9Th of December. Naughty me, but as i'm sure you can imagine, December is a busy crafting month. I had most of my presents done by the start of this month, but there's always a couple you forget, or have to re-do as you decided to keep them, or fleece trousers to make as this snow WON'T GO AWAY.... So before the big day arrives, I though I'd round up what I've been doing with myself the last few weeks.

I've been thinking and working a lot on my new business plan. It seems to be coming together nicely, but I'm taking my time. One of the ideas I'm toying with is mobile phone/mp3 covers.

Sorry about the bad photo's. Again. I have a new camera, but I'll come to that in a bit. This is the case I'm using for my phone, it's not quite as refined as the finals will be, but overall, I'm liking it. It's the same style as Papa Jones' Spongebob one.

Here it is with my Ipod in.

I made this one for my Mum. She likes elephants. It's also lined with red denim. Yum.

I got a new phone this month too, I purposely picked one with a decent camera (it ain't pretty) but I liked the idea of having one less device to carry around. Here's a pic taken with it of the Thundercats throw and pillow I made for my friend Pricey which he has yet to pick up. I might stick it on Ebay if he's not quick.

Here's another idea I'm playing around with to sell.

Its a PVC lined everything bag. I'm using this one at the mo for holding nappies and snacks for Ruby. It fits in my bag lovely, and keeps the stuff together! It would also be a really good sized makeup bag, or great for packed lunches as the inside is wipeable. Much better than a Saino's carrier bag.

It holds three nappies perfectly, with plenty of space for two Pepperami mini's and a Babybell, the current snacks of choice.

Momentous happening this month too, Ruby's had her big bed (Yay!) so I wanted to make her a special blanket. I fancied patchwork, but didn't have enough of the fabric I wanted to use for the entire blanket, so appliqued the patchwork onto two layers of fleece with a layer of wadding in the middle.

It's so cosy, and makes a great play mat too.

Patchwork close up. I love the guitar fabric, but have now used every scrap. Sniff.

Over Christmas, I'll get pictures of everyone with their handmade gifts, so expect a MEGA January post!

Merry Christmas everyone! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I had an idea the other day - if you had a phone/mp3 player cover with a micro-fibre cloth as the lining, you could clean the screen just by putting it in the pouch. Much better than using your t-shirt or whatever comes to hand (apparently they scratch the screen). Might be a winner as phones with touch screens get all greasy.

  2. That is GENIUS Low. I'm on it...