Friday, 4 December 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

I haven't posted for a while, but that's because I've been sewing my buttski off! We've been a bit poorly in the Jones household, so after The Rubes has retired to bed, I've been snuggling on the sofa in my PJ's with Lost and some hand stitching. Heaven. This afternoon my parents were kind enough to babysit, so I've been up in the attic, working my way through my 'To sew' list. This is what my week has brought:

Matching Pirate skirts for Ruby and I made form fleece. So cosy! Thanks to Kegga for this idea. I've got lots of fleece, so will be making many more.

A fleece dress for Ruby.

A skirt for Ruby made from and old jumper. I left the ribbing at the top, zigzagged elastic for the waistband, and zizagged the bottom too to give that rufflyness.

Pink cord edged in some random stuff I got in a huge bag of lace and ribbon from a carboot sale for a fiver. That was a good day. Elasticated waist again.

Herb. He was supposed to be a Christmas present for my friend Richard, but I'm going to give him to Ruby instead as I want him to live at our house! I'm not even going to wait until Christmas.

And finally...

DINOHORSIE! Ever since she was really little, Ruby has called Dinosaurs, Dinohorsies. I wondered what a dinohorsie would look like... I was going to give him a mane and all sorts, but the fabric was enough on its own. That hair got frickin everywhere though.


  1. Herb and Dinohorsie are simply awesome!
    Loving the pirate skirts too....always makes me want to run home and get sewing when I read your blog :)
    I have some froggy fleece...may attempt one of your skirts in that fabric....with felt pockets on! Will wear it on sunday.
    Big thumbs up, most excellent sewing :)



    I forgot to mention, Dinohorsie is huge, about 2ft long!