Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Good Sewing, Bad, Terrible, Awful Photography

Today and yesterday, I've been on a clothes making frenzy. I've made a fab Thundercats skirt and two, yes TWO dresses! Unfortunately, the pictures I've taken of them are absolutely awful. Don't believe me? Take a gander at these babies:

My Thundercats skirt, made from a pillowcase. It's an awesome skirt, honest!

The back:

Obscenely out of focus.

My purple jersey dress. Papa Jones took this for me, I asked him to cut my head off and just photograph the dress, but I think he ignored me which explains the stupid face I'm pulling. There's also a random stain on the front, which I cant seem to find in real life.

Dear god what an unflattering angle. This dress does have two frickin sweeeet things going for it though; it has motorbikes all over it and it's the first time I've attempted sleeves! And they worked! That was a pretty darn exciting moment for me. I've always been scared of sleeves. Not in general, not like they were going to come alive and strangle me in the night or anything. Just making them.

I made the pattern for these two dresses by putting a tshirt and skirt that fit me well onto some paper and drawing round them, and it works really well for my weird body shape. I think the neckline needs some work though.

I'm going to wear this dress out this weekend, but jazzed up like this:

Holy mackerel.

It says a lot that these were the best of the photo's.

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