Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Oh, the Excitement

I went to Asda today and bought this:

"Why the heckaroo would a svelte (ahem) young lady buy such a humongous shirt?" you might ask? Well, to turn it into this:

I LOVE IT. Holy Mackerel. I will now be buying XXXL tshirts wherever I can find them. I'm so excited, I want to get changed into it RIGHT NOW.

OK, overuse of capitals over. I also made this for Papa Jones:

Whenever he has a new mobile, I make him a new case for it. I got sick of doing boooring black ones, so asked him " Does it have to be black?" he replied "I don't care as long as it protects the phone."So this baby has Spongebob on the outside and Batman on the inside. Oh yeah.

By the way, people keep asking me if I'm losing weight, or watching what I eat. Well I do watch the cake/rocky road/ pie go into my mouth I suppose. Just shows what properly fitted clothes can do.

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