Thursday, 5 November 2009

Time for more Sock Monkeys!

We had another Sock Money night yesterday, it's so much fun.We ate pink birthday cake, drank tea and watched Pretty Woman. Oh, and did some sewing.

Here's how we're coming on:

I think they're looking pretty darn good!

Here are a couple more I've done recently but haven't been able to put up as they've been gifts. They have now been received and are hopefully enjoying their forever homes!

Katy Sockmonkey, the first with clothes! A very fetching, if slightly saucy black lacy skirt. Apparently she's been very naught in her new home, scratching her bum and sniffing it. Tut.

Lottie Sockmonkey. So far completely ignored by her1yr old receiver, but I think she's a grower.

I really need to work on my photography...

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