Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I am a Technological Genius.

OK, not quite, but I did work out how to get the photo's from my phone! Well, it was more luck than anything else, but the result its the same. So here's a few pics!

Meet the Flubly! It's a microwaveable rice heating bag, you use it like a hot water bottle, and may be one of the most amazing things I have ever made. No exaggeration. Stick it in the micro for a minute and a half and it stays warm for an hour and a half! Have I posted about this before? I don't even care. It's THAT good.

It has a 100% cotton inner bag, and a cover you can throw in the washing machine if you need to. Mine needs washing already as it's covered in chocolate thanks to its new owner.

I've been busy, busy with Christmas presents, one of which I've decided to keep for myself! It's the slippers I made for my Mum. There's a reason though, one was a bit wonky. Honest. I just realised though, the pic is on my normal camera, which I'm not talking to at the moment. I actually hate it. I'm going to start using my Dad's old one, but it takes about 19 batteries.

Sock monkey night tonight too, woohoo! The little critters should be finished this eve, so onto Christmas Decoration night. I m made a few prototypes yesterday and they're looking pretty darn cute if I say so myself! Pics coming tomorrow. If I can persuade Norway to lend me their power supply to get my camera going.

In other news... progress is happening in the Home Craft Business. Watch this space...


  1. The rice bags are awesome, love the fabric too. Home Crafts Business sounds interesting, keep us posted :)

    Would love it if you could post some simple patterns on here for things to make, we can send you photos to show how they turned out!

  2. I'd love to do that! Any in particular? I'm about to put a skirt on you may like, really blinking easy!

  3. I know the exact skirt you've made! I eyed it up several times in the book but the darts scared me. Can you write Kegga-friendly instructions for the skirt? I'd love to make one out of my new fabric, am in desperate need of some winter skirts.