Monday, 2 November 2009

Ta Dah!

After about a year of trying and making probably six or seven dresses, none of which have fit, I have finally done it! I've finally made an easy peasy aline dress pattern!

I've tried so many different ways, patterns from books, proper patterns, going from my measurement and making it up, but none have worked so far. I seem to be patternly challenged. I never picked the right size, no matter how carefully I'd think I'd worked it out. They either wouldn't go over my boobs, or be so big I couldnt even take them in.

After all this, I have finally done it. It's a very basic shape, is only two peices, and takes about an hour to make! I'm going to have them in every fabric I can find. It also only has a small slit at the top back, and a button to fasten, the same way I make my daughters dresses.

Here it is!

It doesn't look much here, and it's not a slinky, figure hugging number, but I was looking for something I could throw on with leggings and go about my daily business of mothering and making, but still feel pretty. I didn't want to worry about "holding it in" all the time. You ladies know what I mean.

Add a belt and some skinny, skinny jeans though and...

Voila! I love it so much. I need to go make another.

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