Sunday, 22 November 2009

Skirt Tut success! Well Almost...

The skirt tutorial has been tested and I am proud to say it works! Woo hoo! It needs some minor amendments, but when that's done, I will post it up here. I saw the finished article, made by my sister-in-law today, and it is fabulous. The fabric she chose is gorgeous, I'll post a pic as soon as I get one. That is one of the greatest things about making your own clothes, being able to chose any fabric you like. The weirder/cheesier the better. Which leads me to:

You may recognise this fabric, most people do. In your aunty's house? Or Grandparents? I just love it and snap it up whenever I see it, usually in charity shops.

I have it in pink and purple, and in both bedding and curtain materials. This skirt is made from the curtain, as is my knitting bag and needle roll. I made a dress out of the pink sheeting, but it was too small. Gorgeous though. It had a yellow zip. Sigh. The pillow cases on my bed are the pink too.

As well as making this skirt yesterday, in half an hour I might add, I finally got round to making some bedding for Ruby's bed. I've been wanting to get her a quilt for her cot, but they are ridiculously expensive, considering they are half the size of a normal quilt. So I bought a 4.5 tog single one for £8, and cut it on half. Now she has one for chilly nights, and I can double it up for super dooper chilly nights.

The cot size duvet covers were equally expensive, so I took a double quilt, folded it in half and measured the smaller quilt onto it, poppers still at the top. I now have two matching quilt covers, with poppers, a pillow case and some left overs for probably about a £1. Would it be wrong to make her a matching nightie?

Oh look, there's some pink too! I may be obsessed.

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