Friday, 20 November 2009

Skirt Tutorial

I've just spent the last two hours writing a tutorial to make the A line skirt, but I've decided to hold off posting it for now. I think I'll get someone to try it for me first. What if it's too wordy? It makes no sense? Doesn't work? It's only the second one I've ever written.

Anyhoo, until it has been tried by my carefully selected cross-market focus group (my sister-in-law) here's some pics of the newest one I 've made for inspiration.

Isn't that great fabric? I now have a skirt and dress in it, and Ruby has a quilt. Only scraps left now though. I wonder how far I can make it go?..

1 comment:

  1. Instructions followed and skirt complete! Absolutely love it and now going to trawl my fabrics and make a million more.
    Only took me just over an hour and I faff a lot with zips!