Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mac's Back

My comp is poorly. It's gone off the Doctor Pappa Jones and the JCB hospital for some rest, recuperation and maybe a new fan, but will soon be returning home. For now though, I'm using my trusty old mac, which is great but not very trustworthy when it comes to pictures... so a photoless (aka boring) blog entry come forth!

Maya's been here a few days now, and we're loving having her in our house. She's fully embraced the life of a crafter's dog and happily snoozes on the sofa whilst the sewing machine brrrs away. I've torn myself away from dog crafting this week though, and although I haven't done any more fair crafting, I have been busy making Ruby some fabulous pinstripe trews, a sewing bag from some jeans, a scissor roll up case, and two pairs of curtains (five more to go...). I've also had the Crazy Crafting Sisters round for the first part of Easy Peasy Skirt night, and they're looking fab so far, with The Ladies Who Craft coming on Friday to make awesome lunch packs. Pics of both will be coming soon.

As long ans good 'ol El Compo survives...

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