Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Today has been an extremely successful day. I ventured into town in search of vinyl records to make into bowls for display and to sell at the craft fair, and I managed to get all of these for £3! There's about 35 records there!

Whilst I was there, I also found this fantastic vintage suitcase which I'm going to display my purses in at the craft fair. Another bargain at £2.

I was also visited by my lovely friend Richard who brought me this:

Isn't it glorious? It was nestled at the back of one of the workshops in his new house. He was going to burn it!

A good scrub (well, as I good as I could, I seem to have an inability to get anything really clean) and it looks like this.

OK, it doesn't look hugely different, but believe me it is. I had to kill a lot of spiders to get it to this stage.

It's now the home of all the crafty goodness I keep downstairs, including sewing machine number 4. I'm going for one for every room.

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