Sunday, 21 February 2010

Craft, But Not As You Know It...

This week has been spent sitting at my sewing machine late into the night, frantically getting stuff ready for the craft fair. Oh, wait... that's a pork pie.

I have indeed been crafting, but it's been for one particular individual. Meet Maya:

Isn't she gorgeous? She's the newest member of the Jones household, and a reason I HAD to craft. Not that I need one. So far I've made her:

A bed (I know the fabric's completely impractical, but I made two and they come off for washing)

A lead (I'll be making a matching collar as soon as I get the bits)

A crate cushion (with removable fleece cover)

A bag for bits and bobs (brush etc)

a poo bag bag!

I had everything at my house already too, so they cost me nothing, wahey!

Right, back to craft fairness. Maybe I can fit a pair of pinstripe trews in for Ruby first...

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