Sunday, 22 August 2010

Badges, Badges, Everywhere...

I have finally finished some badges! What I thought would be a couple of evenings worth of work has turned into a bit of a marathon, but it's lots of fun so I don't really mind. I managed to get about a hundred badges cut out Friday and yesterday packed up all my badge making kit (which is obscenely heavy) and carted it to my folks to make them up whilst Rubes was entertained by other grown ups. Unfortunately though, I didn't take enough badge parts. Oh well. I still managed to get about half done, and am going to embark on the rest this eve whilst watching some kind of cheesy/scifi violent film.

To the pictures! They're all themed, and here some highlights:

Do you recognise the references? I'm going to be selling these at next month's Central Bazaar for a measly £1.50 a set! Bargain or what? As well as these, there will also be some True Blood, Grease, Die Hard and plenty of Twilight ones. Oh, and I'll be doing design your own badges for £1 each! Can you feel your creative juices flowing?

By the way, my fave by far:

I really do <3 Sheldon.

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