Monday, 6 September 2010

The Final Countdown... Again

Less than a week to go to Central Bazaar and once again I realise I'm ridiculously under prepared. Why do these things only dawn on you when you're lying in bed and have no intention of doing anything about them? On awakening I've realised things aren't quite as bad as they seemed whilst dozing, but still lots to do.

I'm right now in the process of making some signage, and for once it seems to be working out first time... which is a bit worrying. I'm waiting for the printer gremlin to jump out "You may have designed them Jenno, but I sure ain't gonna print 'em! hahahahahahaha!"

If they do work out, they'll be loving pinned to my newly decorated pin board with some awesome button pins (which I've yet to make. Or buy). Next are some fabric badges. I realised I'd completely forgotten to make any in the furor of the film badges. So the craft night girlie's, although they don't know yet, will in fact be my Badge Brigade this week. we'll be singing some kind of working chant to help proceedings I think.

Crochet season is upon us again, woo hoo! I pulled out the project I've been doing since last winter and discovered I only had about 20cm's left to do which took about 10 mins. It's been in the cupboard about 6 months. Sigh. I've now started a cot bumper for thee soon-ish arriving nephew, which contains a lot of black... sounds erm, gross, but is in fact very cool! Will be making myself one as soon as it's finished. A blanket, not a cot bumper. I'm little, but not that little.

Ooh, Juniper and Roses has just come on the radio, my fave.

Right, back to work. Please, please, please come along to Central Bazaar this sat, 12 - 4 in Central Station, Wrexham, there's always so much beautiful stuff on display and you can maybe get a head start on your Christmas shopping! Also, mention this blog and you can have 10% off anything you buy from me, as well as a surprise, craft fair only offer I'll be revealing on the day. How good am I? That's to make up for the lack of pictures in this post.

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  1. I'll be coming along for sure with a pocket full of pennies and a Christmas shopping list.
    In reality though, I'll just treat myself to lots of goodies and forget about buying for anyone else.
    If you need any help with the badges, let me know. I'm happy to print, cut, squish and pin as required :)