Monday, 13 September 2010

What a weekend!

Monday is here again, and I'm glad to report that I've had a pretty darn good weekend. Crafting, playing, eating, all the good stuff.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the awesome Central Bazaar, I had a fab afternoon, met some great new crafters and caught up with old friends, as well as selling quite a few bits and bobs! It wasn't as busy as we would have hoped, but Wrexham's only just beginning to realise that crafts aren't all about tea cosies and the W.I. (Although both of those things, in my opinion, rock). My Design Your Own badges seemed to be the favourite of the day, so I'll be making a bigger thing of those next time.

Me at my post.

Speaking of next time, I will be having a stall at the Ashfield Park Fun Day on Saturday 25th September, 12.00 - 5.00pm at Ashfield Park, off Crispin Lane, Wrexham, which should be something different! A fun fair, the Fire Service, North Wales Police and a host of activities have been organised in order to attract as many people as possible. I normally just stick to craft fairs, but a very nice lady called Dawn approached me on Saturday to ask if I'd be interested and I though why the heckaroo not. And it's for a good cause too. <3 good causes.

After chatting to another lovely lady on Saturday (honestly, the place was full of them), she got me thinking about the prospect of printing directly onto fabric. Now this may seem a bit sad but this was a huge moment of creative enlightenment for me. You can print. On Fabric. With your printer. Good golly miss molly.

My brain then went into a bit of overdrive: I can print out pictures of everyone I know and make them into teddies, I can make floating head Christmas tree decorations, I can print embroidery patterns directly onto fabric... I CAN PRINT EMBROIDERY PATTERNS DIRECTLY ONTO FABRIC.

As you can probably tell that was the biggie. I have a craft swap that has to be posted in one week and until last night I hadn't really started it. I wanted to do a Transformers themed embroidery hoop, but was having an awful time trying to get the design right. Lots of craft swearing and square paper hurling later, and the idea got stuffed into the bottom of my bag. Until now...

That is printed onto fabric! (are you starting to get an idea of how excited I am?) Here it is in the hoop ready to be embroidered.

My gosh. I'm having a LOT of fun sewing this baby, and am glad tonight's Craft Night theme is embroidery so I an carry on sewing and blag onto the girls about printing on fabric a bit more.

Right, not another word about it. In this post.

On a less fun note, I made myself put some stuff on Folksy today. I took about 30 (bad) photos of things I want to put on, and managed to get 8 on before I wanted to top myself. I HATE listing things on the Internet. It's not even one thing, I hate the whole darn process, taking pictures, touching them up, writing the descriptions, waiting for everything to load... eurghh. It's a good job I've already come to terms with the fact I'm never going to be a millionaire. So if you want to see 8 very nice but badly photographed and terribly described items of jewellery, have a look here

Wowsers, that was some blog post. Hope it keeps those bored at work entertained for a bit. Oh, and here's a picture of a dress I made from a man's XXXL t-shirt that I wore to go out with a very lovely fella on Friday night.

I'm calling it the Whoredry Hepburn dress. See what I did there?

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