Thursday, 6 January 2011

I am dying to start work on Bertie the Caravan, but I can't for the following reasons:
a. we haven't ordered any paint yet.
b. the fabric we have ordered hasn't arrived yet.
c. it's frickin freezing.

So desperate am I to do something caravan related, that last night I got down my scrap box, threw on some Naruto and got creatin'.




They're Iron on applique's. I'm not sure what they're destined to ironed on to, but I think I may stick a few on Folksy, see if there's any interest. A range of caravan based items is forming at the back of my brain, I may be powerless to resist...

1 comment:

  1. Hello there...! I know this is going to sound a bit perculiar but I've stalked you to here, ha ha!
    I've just bought a caravan and thought I'd peep at yours by following you to here via Facebook...hope you don't mind. Anyhow, if you fancy chatting caravans (mine is rather new retro than vintage hee hee) send me an Email.
    I think your little creations are lovely by the way.
    So come on, pop over and tell me all about your van and you'll probably make me very jealous!
    Love Claire. x